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News and information about Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, etc in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area, including the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, the DMV, etc.

August 28, 2017

Adam Eidinger, Prop 71 victory speech, 11.04.14

It’s official: Washington DC has voted to legalize marijuana. Here’s Adam Eidinger, Chairman of the DC Cannabis Coalition.
August 28, 2017

How legal is marijuana?

Although Colorado and Washington have made possesion of marijuana legal, federal law still prohibits the drug. Wonkblog’s Dylan Matthews joins us on set to …
August 28, 2017

New state reps, governors, and marijuana legislation in United States

Mid-term elections in the United States has resulted in new senators, new state representatives, new governors and in some states permissive new marijuana …
August 28, 2017

D.C. Mayoral Candidate Vincent Orange Discusses Marijuana Testing Policies

After a mayoral debate taking place at American University, we spoke to Candidate Vincent Orange about his take on marijuana issues this election cycle as well […]