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July 14, 2017

Oregon, Washington D.C. approve marijuana use

Voters in Oregon and Washington DC approved measures to allow marijuana use while a measure in Florida falls just short.
July 14, 2017

High Buy: EZ Does It

This post is sponsored by The Kind Pen. EZ Does It$9.99Thekindpen.com Toking on the go can be a complicated process. Not so with the incredibly affordable […]
July 14, 2017

Washington DC’s Legal Cannabis Culture

Legal Weed in DC. What is the Culture all about?
July 14, 2017


July 14, 2017

How to Get Legal Weed on the Streets of Washington, DC – and, PRODUCT REVIEW

How to Obtain Legal Marijuana on the Streets of Washington, DC – and, PRODUCT REVIEW and Regulation overview/Do’s and dont’s of law as of April 2017.
July 14, 2017

Pros and Cons: Washington D.C. Decriminalizing Marijuana

In honor of Washington D.C. legalizing marijuana, Jimmy weighs the good and bad of making it okay to toke in the US capital. Subscribe NOW to […]
July 14, 2017

Five Rules You Need To Know About Legal Weed In Washington, D.C

Not sure how good your memory is, but back in November of 2014, a whopping 70% of Washington, D.C. residents voted for the legalization of marijuana […]
July 14, 2017

Jeff Sessions Praises Failed D.A.R.E. Program

  By Monterey Bud   The delusionary mindset of Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions is tragic. On Tuesday, before a crowd at the 30th International Training Conference […]
July 14, 2017

Know Your Rights: US/Canada Border Crossing 101

Lornet Turnbull That invisible line separating Canada from the United States can sometimes seem like a wall—especially when it comes to cannabis. Wildly different enforcement practices […]
July 14, 2017

Marijuana Use Increases The Risk Of Fatal Car Accidents

Rebecca O’Mara    Everyone knows — or should know — that getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol is dangerous. Now, a new study shows that smoking marijuana […]
July 14, 2017

Marijuana Menu for St. Patty’s Day Celebrations

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the green herb instead of green beer! These soulful recipes from Jeff the 420 Chef showcase cannabis cuisine with traditional Irish […]
June 2, 2017

Cannabis Pride All-Nighter

[ad_1] Join DCMJ on Saturday, June 10 for a 24 hour vigil in Dupont Circle to support cannabis pride! We’ll setup the new Liberty Pole and […]
May 8, 2017

Weed for Warriors Rally – Dupont Circle 5/8

[ad_1] Join the Weed for Warriors Project this coming Monday at noon in Dupont Circle for a rally concerning Johns Hopkins University’s about face on researching medical […]
April 13, 2017

Georgia GOP Supports In-State Access to Cannabis Oil

[ad_1] Georgia Republicans send Governor Nathan Deal a message about Cannabis   During the 2015-2016 Legislative session, Governor Deal and his Floor Leaders blocked every attempt […]
April 13, 2017

Express Yourself! Use your First Amendment Rights.

[ad_1] Express Yourself?  Does your opinion matter? *Note.  All links open in a separate tab.* Here’s something I think clearly points out that your opinion DOES […]
April 13, 2017

Hank Ogle, The Mayor of Three Rivers

[ad_1] How I met Hank I made reference to Hank Ogle in my blog titled “Express Yourself!  Use your First Amendment Right”.  Hank is the guy […]
April 13, 2017

A Plant of Renown and The Shame of the Heathen

[ad_1] A Plant of Renown Ezekiel 34:29: “And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger […]
April 13, 2017

Did The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit Err About Marijuana?

[ad_1] The Decision On August 31st, 2016 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled in Wilson v. Lynch that banning gun sales to people […]
April 13, 2017

The Only President Who Both Got It and Stated It Publicly

[ad_1] What Jimmy Said President Jimmy Carter, in his Drug Abuse Message to the Congress on August 2, 1977, said the following: “Marijuana continues to be an […]
April 13, 2017

Is Cultivation and Consumption of Cannabis a Basic Human Right?

[ad_1] A Right In Mexico In 2013 the Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Consumption filed a legal petition demanding the right to grow, own, and use marijuana.  That […]
April 13, 2017

An Open Letter To Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

[ad_1] What a handle I like Senator Sessions’ full name.  It’s about as Southern as they get, and being a Child of the South, it reminds […]
April 13, 2017

Hemp Can Help Make America Great Again

[ad_1] The Anonymous Farmer In 1775 an anonymous farmer penned “An Essay On Hemp” as a call to action for what were still the 13 Colonies. […]
April 13, 2017

Texas Bill Would Lower Penalties for Marijuana Possession

[ad_1] “House Bill 81 would eliminate the arrest, the jail time, and most importantly, the criminal record currently associated with small amounts of marijuana” Lawmakers in […]
April 13, 2017

RSVP For The Next DCMJ Planning Meetings

[ad_1] Join us at one of the upcoming Planning Meetings! DCMJ Planning Meeting #6 DATE: Wednesday, April 5, 2017TIME: 7-8:30PMLOCATION: ANACOSTIA NEIGHBORHOOD LIBRARY (basement)ADDRESS: 1800 Good […]
April 13, 2017

📸 We Need Your Photos For The New DCMJ Filter Tip Flyers!

[ad_1] One of our favorite DCMJ outreach materials is the perforated filter tip flyer (see above & below). Each flyer breaks into 24 pieces of card stock that […]
April 13, 2017

Statement on Attorney General Sessions

[ad_1] DCMJ Urges President Trump to Stop Sessions from Reversing Course of Legalization WASHINGTON, DC — Legalization advocates DCMJ, the organization that spearheaded Initiative 71 that […]
April 13, 2017

Join DCMJ & the National Cannabis Festival for a Reddit Ask Me Anything!

[ad_1] This Sunday evening, on the 2 year anniversary of Ballot Initiative 71 becoming law, DCMJ will be participating in the National Cannabis Festival’s Ask Me […]
April 13, 2017

#Reschedule420 on 4/24 at the U.S. Capitol

[ad_1] In case you missed it, at yesterday’s White House Press Briefing spokesman Sean Spicer finally answered a question about cannabis. His response was not good. […]
April 13, 2017

1st Annual Congressional Joint Session on 4/20

[ad_1] Join District of Columbia residents with DCMJ for the 1st Annual Congressional Joint Session! We are giving away TWO FREE joints to all members of […]
March 2, 2016

Maryland Patient Portal Planned to Start in March!

Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Program Update: Great news potential medical marijuana patients! In an authoritative statement unveiled by The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, former Executive Director Hannah […]

November 2, 2017

Florida Study to Examine Medical Marijuana Benefits in Fighting HIV

Tucker Berardi The University of Florida will soon conduct a five-year study following 400 HIV-positive Floridians who admit to current recreational or medicinal marijuana use to […]
November 2, 2017

The War Of 1812

November 1, 2017

Islamophobia/Immigration/Terrorism and Double Standards Ft Kevin Barrett on Truth Jihad Radio

Kevin Barrett is an Author, Activist and Journalist who contributes to Crescent International. 02-19-2016 The …
November 1, 2017

The Beauty Industry Has Spoken: CBD Is the New Super Oil

By Shiri Sarfati A range of TheraJoy’s body products. Kaitlyn Flannagan for Observer Ever since Moroccanoil launched their argan-based hair care collection about a decade ago, […]
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