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February 15, 2016
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Marijuana in Virginia

A bill presented in the Virginia assembly would legalize marijuana for grownups, changing criminal punishments into common crimes or violations. The proposed bill would not only legalize marijuana in Virginia, it would furthermore take a big move toward invalidating the federal cannabis ban in observe in Virginia.

The Senate and house legislators have put aside a regulation that looked to remove criminal punishments for marijuana possession violations, changing them with normal fine only punishments with no police arrest as well as no criminal record.

On February 3rd, Senate Bill 104, was introduced by inconclusively by the Courts of Law Committee in an 11-4 vote. This activity slows down any legislative progress for the time being, however, permits the committee to reevaluate regulation at a later session. In the event If the committee takes no additional action, the proposed bill is dead for the 2016 lawmaking session.

The Senate bill would change the Virginia state criminal rule to browse as follows:

It is illegal for any individual intentionally or knowingly to have marijuana unless the object was acquired precisely from, or consistent to, a legal remedy or the request of a specialist while practicing in the program of his expert practice. Any infringement of this section might be charged by authority.

Upon the pursuit of an individual for infringement of this section, proprietorship or control of the campus or vehicle in which cannabis was found might not make a belief that such individuals either purposely or deliberately possessed such cannabis.

Any individual who infringes this section is liable to a civil punishment of close to $100, upon a second infringe is liable to a civil punishment of close to $250, and upon a third or later infringe is liable to a civil punishment of close to $500. Such civil punishments are to be paid to the Literary Fund.

The great thing regarding methods such as Senate Bill 104 is that such measures are totally lawful. If the state assembly passes Senate Bill 104, Virginia would join a developing number of states simply overlooking federal prohibition.

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